Hello there,

I’ve decided to start a new blog series for the next 3 months. I’m going  to call it “Let’s Talk Social, where I’ll be expressing my views and views of the world on various social problems, issues, and matters that affect us all.” It is going to be a series of sketches, comics, stories, and poems that will talk about 30-31 different socio-economic, religious, civic, economic, cultural, and political problems, among others.

This is my attempt to better understand these problems and share my thoughts and sometimes personal stories to educate the world about these issues. It is my hope that with this series, I will be able to engage people in conversations that can hopefully start something  bigger to address these problems.

Here is a tentative list –

Matter 1 – Girl Child Education

Matter 2 – Female Foeticide – Female Infanticide

Matter 3 – Nationalism – Religious and ethnic

Matter 4 -Religious biases: The war against secularism

Matter 5 – Sexual Abuse and Rape

Matter 6 – Freedom Of Speech

Matter 7 – Taboos Around Menstruation

Matter 8 – Gender Inequality

Matter 9 -War and the Horrors it brings

Matter 10 – Water Issues – Wastage

Matter 11 – LGBT Rights and Discrimination

Matter 12 – Skill Development

Matter 13 – Animal Rights

Matter 14 – Sex trafficking

Matter 15 – World Hunger

Matter 16 – Lack of Healthcare

Matter 17 – Lack of knowledge

Matter 18 – Nutrition

Matter 19 – Global Warming

Matter 20 – Poverty

Matter 21 – Mental Health – Children

Matter 22 – Mental Health – Adults

Matter 23 – Child Abuse

Matter 24 – Sanitation

Matter 25 – Acid Attack

Matter 26 – Disability

Matter 27 – Third Gender problems

Matter 28 – Begging

Matter 29 – Child Marriage

Matter 30 – Dowry

Matter 31 – Child Labour

Happy to receive posts from guests who want to share their experiences on these problems, share a poem, share a story, or just want to talk about it. I will post them here on the blog as guest posts and put them up on my social media platforms.

Remember the biggest problem in this world is that some of us just don’t care. You don’t need to start by doing great things, you just need to start. Start to care and great things will happen.

Featured Image Courtesy – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Theworld5.jpg