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Heroes are heroes,
Heroes don’t see religion
Heroes don’t see ethnicity
Heroes accept other cultures and traditions
Heroes spread the message of love.

What am I trying to say?

A hindu can be a hero, a muslim can be a hero, a jew can be a hero, and a christian can be a hero. You don’t need religion to be a hero, you only need humanity.

Go ahead and call Islam a violent religion because the ISIS guy declared so, but don’t you dare call every muslim violent. They are not responsible for the deeds of a terrorist group.

If the principal of your school killed someone, will you all be called murderers? If the chief minister of a state carries out a violent attack, will you all bear responsibility for his actions? Then how is every muslim a terrorist? How is the whole country a horrible place?

Because they are associated with islam and it’s easier to blame them for everything that goes wrong with the world?

Next time you point your fingers blindly at someone because they belong to a specific religion, remember they probably are heroes, clad as villains because of the Gods they pray to or the country they belong to.

I’ll say this over and over again till the world has only heroes left or just these villains.