There’s been friction between the Hindus and Muslims from time immemorial. Muslims have killed plenty Hindus and Hindus have killed plenty Muslims (even though they don’t like to talk about it or admit it).

People have decided that all Muslims are terrorists and they deserved to be shunned or killed. In the process of killing these “terrorists” they forgot to account for the lives of those innocent people, who were no terrorists, but just went by the names like Mohammed, Yusuf, Arif, Ameena, and Nida.

“They were Muslims, they wore hijabs – if they were not terrorists yet, they would have become one someday” Some powers to predict the future ha?

Lately there is news of this one Messiah who has vowed to save the promised land from the terrorists.

How, you may ask?

He is going to throw all the Muslims out of his country, maybe throw Obama as well, he’s Muslim no? What if he decides to pledge his allegiance to the Islamic State?

How else? By creating a wall between USA and Mexico – remember Berlin wall? Ah, sweet memories.


How else? By holding guns and shooting all those who deserve to be shot. Fortunately for all us Hindus and proud-white Americans, it’s just the Muslims, Mexicans, and “ugly” people on his list for now. Lists change, don’t they? Maybe or maybe not, I don’t know. I can’t predict the future like the people, who have predicted that all Muslims will one day become terrorists.

You know what the funniest part of this whole Trump situation is? Remember a few of those overly enthusiastic Hindu Sena and RSS people? They think the time for their revenge (no idea what this long due revenge is) is here. They are feeding life-size posters of Trump cakes, they’re calling him Shivaji with the mighty sword, they’re creating his pictures holding guns and killing the destroyers of humanity – I’m talking about the muslims – come-on keep up!

I have friends who are a part of this free-hitched Trump wagon. I have family members who are like “ab aayega mazaa”. I have seen the internet being flooded by titles like “Trump – the messiah of humanity and Hindus”.

These are our saviors, they’ll save us.


I forgot to add, I also saw a comment where it said, “mujhe kya main toh Hindu hoon, vaat toh Musalmano ki lagegi” (Why do I have to worry? I’m a Hindu, it’s the Muslims who need to be worried – loosely translated)

Well tell you what, I’ll give you a few reasons to worry –

  1. Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians – doomsday is the same for all. Once there was a Hitler that tried to erase the word Jews from our history, god knows how many Christians died fighting his fight. Once there were the Mughals, don’t you know how many Muslims and Hindus died for their religion and kingdom? Then there were Christians, who tried to claim Jerusalem for their God, know how many Muslims and Christians died? How many lives destroyed?
  2. It’s not long till you get generalized as a terrorist – There’s an organization called the Islamic state that funds sub terrorist organizations to destroy the infidels. You realize, just like how Hindus are hitching their wagon to Trump, these people have hitched theirs to Islam, Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, but sadly these groups of people use it to manipulate and kill. Because nothing scares you more than religion does. You call them terrorist because they hold guns and shoot at your family, I’ll call you a terrorist too when you hide behind Trump and point guns at everyone who is a Muslim.
  3. It’s a game of politics – you’re smart enough to figure this out, aren’t you? In the end, it’s all just politics. You think Trump gives a rat’s ass about protecting the world from Muslims, Mexicans, and all others who he fondly calls terrorists? No he doesn’t. He hates them and you want to give him the power to kill them all? Jeez, it’s like giving Gollum his precious ring. He doesn’t care about anything else, he just wants his goddamn ring, you die for it, you kill for it, you fool people for it- all that is not his problem.
gollum - trump
Yes, not at all our objective.


Lastly, why is my ass burning here because the world and Trump want to hate Muslims? Well, he’s playing the “Kill all the Muslims” game today, tomorrow he’ll want to kill me and you. When he stops you from entering a country because you don’t fit his criteria of color, won’t your asses burn then? Won’t you feel bad when you are generalized and called a terrorist just because you follow a religion? Because your name is Jaishree, Aarti, Ved, or Ram? I think it will.
So wake up and see what Trump and his blind followers are cooking – destruction of humanity wrapped in Shawarmas and burritos.