The roads in Bangalore has made the pleasant weather and rain spells a curse
The pot-holes ridden roads in Bangalore have made the pleasant weather and rain spells a curse

You know how you sit by your window on a cold evening, look out at Bangalore’s weather, sip your hot coffee and wonder, “Wow, so beautiful. Bangalore rains are so amazing”.

Tell you what, I shared your thoughts till I stepped on to the roads with my car on a similar rainy evening. When the rain God went nuts on Monday evening, my first thought went to the fact that all the traffic policemen would have disappeared and I will have to face the brunt of maniac drivers, who do little to follow traffic rules.

But, my my! I was in for a pleasant surprise (One pleasant, one horrific). The traffic police was on its feet at many stretches, trying to get people home safe and dry. I was so proud of how they were tackling traffic and making sure that people didn’t get stuck on roads due to traffic jams.

Little did I know that while the men of force were trying the best to get the situation under control. the sneaky road had a mind of its own. Every time the thunder goes up there, these roads get scared and hide under the ground, quite literally! The roads, which just a month or two back looked hearty and happy, suddenly developed comet-sized potholes.
I am certainly not playing the blame game here, but it’s not like we go in the night and take  a hammer and break these roads till we can be satisfied and point fingers at the Government in the morning.

While I reach home usually from work within half hour to 45 mins, this entire week it took me easily 2 hrs or more to reach home. I hit at least 6 spots from Race Course Road to Cox Town with water running up till people’s knee. Bangalore pays one of the highest road taxes in the country, but looks like all that is just going down the drain!

The road on Race Course Road on Wednesday (4th Nov 2015)
Traffic due to rain on Race Course Road on Wednesday (4th Nov 2015)

I don’t get where all that money is going. Underwater or under the god-damn potholes that keep popping up, surprising us like the guests we don’t wish to see! There might be a lot that the Government must be doing to make Bengaluru truly #nammabengaluru, but if I can’t drive home without wondering if I’ll die in an accident or by drowning, then My bangalore is definitely still broken.

One such example is this-

Image courtesy -
Image courtesy –

I read a recent news online, which had the picture above and I was like, “What the f*** happened? Did Thor drop his hammer here again?

This 2.1km stretch was apparently fixed for the arrival of PM Modi for a whopping Rs 2.75 crore and it became “that to this” in less than 2 months! I wonder what they did with the rest of the Rs.2.74 crores, because clearly no more than a lakh or less was spent on this!

From my end, I follow traffic rules and show humility to the policemen, who stand in the rain and help us reach home. From your end, Mr Siddaramaiah, please ensure their hard work doesn’t go to a complete waste!