Help me save humans, before you help me save cows.
Save humans, before you advocate about cows. Base pic courtesy –

First came the #beefban, then came the #meatban, when will there be a ban on killing innocent people? No? never? Because if you kill my cow, you’re a criminal and deserve death, but if I kill you then I’m the server of justice, the protector of the poor cows?

Who would have believed that the idiots, who have made this country and its countrymen a laughing stock by demanding unreasonable and biased bans, could stoop any lower! Killed an innocent farmer because he consumed meat to keep his family happy and well fed? At this rate, we will only have cows left and all other animals including humans will face a little something called “extinction”

Oh wait, did I say he and his family ate some meat? I meant BEEF! If it was any other meat, say chicken or mutton, the hooligans who beat up the poor old man would have self invited themselves for a nice juicy piece.

Mohammed Akhlaq, the 50-year old guy who saw the wrath of these ‘Cow’ards would never have imagined his fate. But, then again in a country filled with people who clearly don’t understand the difference between wrong and right, justice and crime, and humans and animals, who can ever imagine which cow would cost them their life

If this doesn’t shame us, what will?

You call them muslims in a hateful tone. You call them cow slaughterers. You call them meat eaters. You call them murderers.

But, if they’re all that, then who exactly do you think you are?

You, who eats only plants and claim to be the preserver of the right and wrong. You, who thoroughly enjoys seafood. You, who sucks on juicy chicken thighs. You, who doesn’t shy away from eating a good mutton seekh kebab. You, who resents people because they eat an animal that you think is a storehouse of your Gods. You, who decides to end a man’s life without thinking if his crime was big enough. You, who calls it a crime. Who are you? Who made you the judge of what I should eat and what I shouldn’t? Who gives you the right to destroy my family on the basis of your believes and your customs?

Tomorrow, I will wake up and start believing that the greens you eat has a million Gods residing in them. I demand that the preservation of these greens be made compulsory if Earth is to see a tomorrow and try impose a veggie ban. Will you not call me crazy? Will you not stone me to death for being unreasonable and stupid?

With the way things are going these days, I think you will.

Think. Ponder over it. Life for life is not the answer to everything.

Save animals, save their lives, promote vegetarianism and veganism, but don’t impose. I eat vegetables, you eat chicken, pork, and mutton, he eats beef. I let you be, you let him be.