Calling out to all the hypocrites out there! This one is for you and I!

If I don’t make you my pet, I’ll pray to you, but wait, can I eat the others?

Why love one, but eat the other?
Why love one, but eat the other?

For quite some time now, the world has been protesting over the idea of killing dogs, cats, and cows. While there is a worldwide rage against China for eating dogs and against India for getting mass religious over their cows, a lot of us are eating the other animals without any guilt.

I don’t get the idea of love one, pray to another, and eat the rest. The entire concept is loaded with hypocrisy and our usual biased ways. How can we call ourselves animal lovers when our love and dedication is concentrated only towards a certain set of animals, most specifically dogs and cats? How can we call ourselves religious when we carry out discussions like, “how can people kill cows and eat them”? while chewing on a nice meaty piece of chicken or goat? Are we animal lovers, hypocrites, or both?

In my opinion, we are all just super biased and big fat hypocrites. The whole world is calling China a mass murderer because of their dog eating festival, but somehow we are all okay with eating goats, hens, and other animals during our festivals? Our hypocrisy over eating animals is ridiculous. As ridiculous as it is, I also believe that it is very confusing. Most of us don’t understand the whole idea of the food chain. While on one day we get on roads and demand people to spare the lives of dogs and cats, on the other, we cook the meat of a million other animals in the comfort of our kitchens.

We need to either understand how food chain works and accept that there will always be someone who will eat another to survive OR stand and fight for the rights of all animals and not just the likes of our dear pets.

Not to sound like a heartless person, but all animals are tortured equally before being eaten by us humans. We stand for the rights of dogs and cats because they are the only animals we share a close connection with and are the closest to living in peace with humans, which in a way, is understandable, but certainly not acceptable.

You might call me stupid for even bringing this up, but the hypocrisy of the whole situation was right under our noses and we still somehow missed it. Many of us didn’t know this, but apart from the Yulin festival that took place in China, there was another similar festival that took place in America. While Yulin became the subject of an international outcry, the festival in US took a backseat as it involved killing only pigs, chicken, and cows (I’m sure a few people in India despised this festival only because our holy mothers were involved). Do you get what I’m talking about?

In all honesty, I understand the categorization. But, I cannot shrug the thought of this inbred hypocrisy we all so proudly live with.

Hey! Stop stabbing that dog. Can't you see you'r torturing that poor animal? You're a cruel man.
My animal is my food, your food is my pet.

Suffering is suffering, any and every form of it leads to the same result. The animals we eat and the animals we love have nothing different, they’re one and the same. It’s our two-facedness that explains everything that’s going on across the world with the idea of animals as meat.

Here’s a note for all those who think that I do not sympathize with such animal activists –  This post isn’t meant to offend any person, country, or organization. It only reflects my strong opinion on this matter. I have a dog and I love her to bits and the plight of these other animals make me very sad. But, I have come to understand that just like beef, mutton, or chicken is your food, dogs, cats, and other similar animals are theirs. Let these people be. #stopwiththehypocrisy

I would love to hear what you think about my very honest note and opinion on the hypocrisy over eating animals.

On a lighter note,

Check out this mockumentary made on the Beef ban and outrage in several states in India. While it’s absolutely hilarious, there’s also a great message. courtesy:Falah Faisal

There’s another great video that I recently stumbled upon. It’s the cutest thing I’ve seen. Sometimes kids can send out the best messages in the most funniest ways possible.