Grief cannot be comforted by religion, but only by people
Grief cannot be comforted by religion, but only by people

We’re no strangers to what went down in Nepal a few days ago. The earthquake that shattered thousands of lives in Nepal and nearby regions shook us all in our homes as well. While a few believed that “all they could do was pray”, many others took charge and decided to help; the help wasn’t necessarily monetary. Many organizations around the world set up relief funds to help the devastated nation and many others sent troops, volunteers, and relief in the form of food, blankets, and clothing.

All of this is great! Everyone is being helpful, nice, and sympathetic! Then why am I writing this?

Well, I am writing this because of some religious-biased and demeaning messages that I stumbled across on the internet. It astonishes me how every death, victory, war, quarrel, and natural disaster can somehow be used for propagating a religious or political agenda. These messages and news aren’t just demeaning, but also a reflection of how blind and shallow people can become in the name of religion and power.

Soon after the earthquake hit Nepal, the internet went crazy. People send prayers, love, and also spread messages that could have otherwise been lost. But, then there were those who sat in the comfort of their homes and churned out messages and rumors that put down other countries, religions, and political parties.

Hurtful and Nonsensical Message #1

This message, categorizing death into religion and countries, was being forwarded in Hindi to thousands of people. The rivalry between India and Pakistan is never ending, but to question the sentiments of the people on the death of innocent children, crosses all levels of stupidity. Death and grief bring people closer, they cross all the boundaries of hate and open up hearts, but the imbeciles who circulated these messages somehow found faults in such emotions as well. Not just that, to stress on the fact that the Hindus who supported these Pakistanis in their death should be ashamed of themselves, only showcases how blind we’ve become with hatred and anger.

Hurtful and Nonsensical Message #2

Rabbi’s post after the Nepal Earthquake

Quoting Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi,”God hates idol worshiping and destroyed the idols as he did many times in the history and for all of us to see this and learn.” Well, I respect your religion and beliefs Rabbi, but did God also teach you to be a sadistic human being, umm sorry can I even call you a human?

And then there are those who blindly follow people like Mizrachi and those who speak up are made to shut up in the name of God-

Views are great, but that’s just plain mindlessness!
Views are great, but that’s just plain mindlessness!

Continuing the parade of stupidity and irrelevant religious and political linkages to the recent earthquake in Nepal- Sakshi Maharaj and Sadhvi Prachi left no stones turned to go all out and declare that the Nepal earthquake was inevitable simply because Rahul Gandhi ate beef and went on a Kedarnath visit. Yes, you heard me!

Sadhvi Prachi being her usual blonde self!
Sadhvi Prachi being her usual blonde self!

Quoting the very sensible Sadhvi Prachi, “Rahul Gandhi eats beef and goes to the holy shrine without purifying himself, the earthquake was bound to happen.” While this is not the first blonde moment for Sadhvi Prachi, we hope that either her brains grow back or her vocal chords give up.

People also found the sad state of the Nepal earthquake victims as an opportunity to lash out at activists like Owaisi, who is not very popular among the “so called Hindu masses”. They went all out and morphed the poor ABP New’s journalist’s photo on a news bulletin that could be loosely translated as follows-

Shameful statement by Owaisi in reference to the recent Nepal tragedy, “ What do we do to help, God is punishing the non-Muslims”

The well-designed attack on Owaisi
The well-designed attack on Owaisi

All these rumors and irrelevant attacks to please a religious and political agenda makes me sick to my stomach. Is this what we’ve become? A bunch of sadists and opportunists?

Wake up! You and I are not  Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, or Jew in death. If we can’t be one as living, let us be one in death. Let us be one for the dead.