Call it their constant attempt to stay noticed in the media or their desperate and failed attempts at reviving their political party’s standing in the country, every decision or comment that comes out of the UPA office cracks me up. And more often than not, the news is always unanimous with the name Rahul Gandhi.

When Rahul Gandhi was introduced to us, there is no denying that we adored him. He was that dynamic man in a white Kurta, an icon, a prospective leader. I can think of 3 clear reasons why we thought he was amazing:

  1. The BJP was in rags, they were strongly portrayed as a non-secular party and did not meet the secular standards of the country as congress did.
  2. He was handsome, young, charming, and fresh. Ever since Rajiv Gandhi, we only saw old men run the country. The idea of youth in power stirred up our emotions and we loved Rahul.
  3. He did not meet Arnab Goswami. If he would have, congress party probably wouldn’t have been in the puddle today and we wouldn’t have lost all that time drooping over his charming smile.

But, boyish charms could only get him thus far. Once the face of congress came into full view of the public, the only thing congress got was a face palm. While we learnt quite a bit from the several hilarious and embarrassing moments that Rahul publicly suffered, it seems like the UPA stayed blind through the entire ordeal.

You’d think that after getting wiped off so miserably from the position of the country’s ruling party and scoring a duck in the recent Delhi election, they’d know better than give the so called “warrior shehzada” a permanent holiday instead of a sabbatical. I know we made noise on the sabbatical issue, but we were happy that finally Rahul accepted that he is just a pretty face with no political cells in his brain. We would have laughed at Rahul and Congress, but eventually would have given them some recognition for letting go the idea of a dynastic rule.

Instead what do they do?

They go out in the public and tell people that they are considering giving him the post of the party’s president! Mr. Kamal Nath, my friend, you cannot be serious! First, you spill out the party’s weakness by stating things like, “When I go to Sonia with a problem, she says please go to Rahul Gandhi. When I go to Rahul Gandhi, he says the Congress president will resolve the issue,”. And then you say hilarious things like – “We need to give Rahul full charge. Let him form his own team. We will soon find out if he can even do the job or not.”

Are you suggesting that Sonia Gandhi is incapable and that’s why Rahul Gandhi has failed so far? She’s going to be furious when she finally reads between the lines.

I don’t know if Kamal Nath has lost his mind or is finally stepping out of the spineless Sonia Gandhi sycophant stereotype, but for his sake and his party’s, I hope Rahul Gandhi does more than auto repeat “women empowerment” when he comes back from his sabbatical.