AAP Vs Modi? Or AAP vs BJP?
AAP Vs Modi? Or AAP vs BJP?

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In Politics, perception is the sovereign.

The general elections in 2014 proved to be quintessential for the BJP as the nation got swept off by the Modi wave. It was clear that the Modi gang got a green flag, not so much because of the spendthrift promises made, but because of how the perception of a leader was formed. Another strategy that positioned BJP in the forefront was their positive campaign. They stayed wary of the blame game and shed the shiny positive light on Namo.

While I’d definitely give BJP and their smart campaigners the thumbs up for their 2014 marketing, 2015 has relatively been a big dull dud in the capital city. An attempt to create a strong image was made by launching the “Iron Lady” (Ms. Bedi) as a deserving opponent of Mr. Kejriwal. While there were a million things wrong with that decision, it could have still not done much damage if they tried showing Kiran and BJP in the positive light, instead of meticulously pointing fingers at AAP and its ministers. I thought they cracked the code in the 2014 elections – “Positivity breeds positivity”, but they proved me wrong. They gave up their 2014 strategy in the Delhi elections and started with a negative campaign. In my view, this lost them a good chunk of their votes. Well, even if I agree to let go of this horrendous mistake, what they did next was beyond stupidity. They turned the Capital Showdown into “The presidential elections Part II”.

In the meantime, AAP came across as a renewed, stronger, and a less complaining party. They spoke about their strengths, weaknesses, and the lessons learnt; this helped them win back half their lost votes. They did not find every second chance to call their opponent weak and liars, instead they called themselves the change makers.

Hell, I’d go with the one who cares more about my problem than the one who behaves like an opposition to the ruling party even before the elections; pointing fingers at every chance he gets. While the BJP sank their own boat at the Capital elections, AAP showed people a more mellowed down and strong Kejriwal. The rest of the story will be written by the election results, but I guess it’s safe to say AAP might have just pulled a Modi on BJP.

Time to change the meaning of  “Modi”fied?