The recent political tease in Delhi seems a lot like the good old Tom and Jerry Show to me. I wouldn’t want to go into labeling who’s Tom and who’s Jerry, I’d leave that to you. But, Mr. Kejriwal and Ms. Bedi definitely put up quite a show. While it is all very entertaining, I can’t help but think just how quickly you can lose faith in politics and politicians. Let’s quickly see how the boy with the scarf and the iron girl turned from friend to foes to Indian Politicians. Let me take you through a small story.

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Kejriwal, who had a friend name Kiran. Kejri and Kiran believed in the same kind of ideals, loved the same teacher, hated the bullies, and always stood together to protect each other against the shady class monitors.     But then, there came a day when Kejri decided that simply voicing out opinions won’t help, it was time he contested to be the class monitor. Even though he was always taught that such contests only brought chaos and gave birth to corruption, he believed it was time to be a righteous leader. Kiran, unfortunately, did not share the same belief and vowed to stay away from these contests and continue to stand by the ideals of her best teacher. That as we know it, was the end of Kiran’s appearance with her friend Kejri.

In the coming days, Kejri fought really hard, won the contest, and was named the class monitor of his section. As promised he did great things for the average students and showed the bullies their right place. However, his reign was short lived. It is unknown what changed in those fateful 49 days. Was it the greed for power? Or was it just blind zeal to eliminate bullies from the entire school? I guess, we’ll never know for sure. But, we all knew one thing that Kejri just wasn’t ready to be the school pupil leader yet. Before he could realize it, his world came crashing down. The stronger contestants stepped over him and not only did Kejri lose a lot of his supporters, but his good name too.

But was he a quitter? I think not. The merry little boy with a scarf was all set to take on the new set of contest and contestants soon. Little did he know that this time his dear friend, the strong and the righteous Kiran would be the one standing in his way.

Hold on. Let’ back up a little. Didn’t Kiran vow to not take part in these contests and support the will of her noble teacher? I guess, these kids just make all sorts or promises. One sight of a candy and everything else takes a back seat.  The Candy men, who were once considered the bullies, were suddenly saint to Kiran’s eyes.

There were no real friends and allies when it came to power, I bet Kiran and Kejri learnt that lesson by now. The little chase and blame game that had begun between the average students and the bullies soon took an interesting turn, leaving the cat and the mouse loose in the field.

The rat ran to the cheese, the cat chased the rat, and they both ended up in a cage. This little game of politics in Delhi will be a particularly interesting one. It’ll be interesting to see if the cat will manage to eat both the rat and the cheese or the rat will outsmart the cat and run away with the cheese.