Everybody is furious in Delhi again. Why? Dare you ask? “Fir se kisika rape hua hain yaar”. Just something to dismiss over a cup of coffee, isn’t it? These Delhi rapes, when will they go out of fashion?

Last time it was a big news, because it was brutal, this time it is a big news because it’s pointing fingers at the transportation giant Uber. I’ve been reading newspapers and watching news channels from the past few days, and all I see is people pointing fingers at Uber, trying to curb the next crime. I’m not saying that’s wrong. It’s bloody brilliant. Go ahead; make sure better safety features are implemented in cab services. God knows, I’ve taken cabs at night several times, and nothing would make me happier than feel safe.

The government in Delhi was aroused by this debacle and decided to ban Uber from providing services in Delhi. Good move government “smart heads”. One shocking incident and Uber becomes the bad guy, but thousands of rapes, but there’s nothing being done about it. No one’s taking quick decisions to hang Mr. Yadav or million rodents like him. No one’s charging him for a crime just yet.

You and I are busy pointing fingers at Uber, but who’s pointing fingers at Shiv Kumar Yadav. From what I read, Mr. Yadav has no remorse for raping and threatening a woman. Oh wait! Not just one woman, but women!

He raped a woman 3 years ago, spends a 7 month long vacation in the jail, and then gets out. Why? To rape people like you and me again. He got acquitted, just like that. In India, if you commit a murder you can get out easily if you are a politician’s son or if you’re an actor. But, good news for all the rapists out there, you don’t have to be rich or powerful to be acquitted of petty crimes like rape. At the most a few months in jail. I mean, that’s doable isn’t it? Save your strength for the next crime, learn a trick or two while you’re in the jail?

We’ll fight and fight till the end of the world, we’ll make noise, we’ll try to teach them a lesson, we’ll be strong women, we’ll be heroes too after we’re dead.  But, somehow it will always be okay to get raped in India.