Whose fight is it anyways?

Is it a political fight or is it a religious fight? Who started all this? Was it a political conflict or did the Rabbi and Imam Start the conflict?

It doesn’t really matter who started it. It doesn’t matter who’s going to win it. Either way, all that is going to be left of it is a lump of dead bodies, a financially weak country, a half won religious fight, and the creation of terrorist groups. Children, who deserve an education, will learn how to hold guns and fire; they’ll learn the art of wearing a bomb vest, when they should be learning poetry, music, and painting.

Women, who have an innate gift to love and care for their family, will do so by killing others or would vanish amidst the violence. Men, who would walk miles for their family’s wellness, will sell themselves to violence to provide for their families.

Did we learn nothing from the history?  Haven’t the Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and many other partitions created by us in the name of a higher power, seen enough deaths, violence, and bloodshed from right, power, and most importantly land?

Are we, the so called superior human race, so imbecile that time and again we get so helplessly stuck in religious wars, and cut each other’s throat for a piece of land. How did Geography take over things like peace and love?

Why are we all so united in hatred and violence, and so torn apart in peace and values of sharing?

The questions are unending! I am baffled by the lack of humanity left in the world. My heart goes to the thousands of innocent lives, who would now be enjoying a quick game of football, or be sipping on some tea, or getting back home to their families after a tiresome day at work, but, are now either ashes, or lying in a wreck waiting to wither away with fire and mud.

Who can you really blame in this vile fight? People are shamelessly comparing the number of deaths between Palestine and Israel, working up numbers to announce that the number of Palestinians killed is way higher than the Israelis killed.  Why should we be declaring the more beastly country based on these numbers?

While this might not apply to few and might sound hurtful to a big bunch of people out there, but why do you only retaliate when someone of your kin or religion dies? And why do people of other faiths silently let it pass just because a mass of people who follow other religion died? Our blood is so infiltrated with our own religious beliefs that we fail to see the plight of people beyond the barrier of religion.

Religious and Political wars aren’t home makers. Haven’t we Indians learnt that first hand with our constant fight in keeping the so called ‘heaven” of our country on our map? What’s so heavenly left of it anymore? Religious and political fights over a piece of land, gets you just land, not homes, they only inculcate terrorism in the minds of the young and the innocent.

Rage is something that comes very easily to all of us; young or old. For a country facing political and religious turmoil, anger and violence is a playground. For the onlooker, that anger is a tool to reflect their anger; towards their country, towards a religion, or towards a leader.

The new victim of the world’s combined anger is the Israel-Palestine conflict.

While I admire the unity and sincerity people all over the world are showing in the matter, and carrying out protests and rallies, demanding why their own countries aren’t helping the two that are facing distress. I sincerely think we are getting lost in the maze of anger and violence. We aren’t helping solve the problem; we are only aggravating it, fueling the fire.

My questions will stay unanswered, and the world will witness many more destroyed Kashmir, conflicted Palestine and Israel, aggravated Afghanistan, and injured Pakistan. The war of the worlds will come to rest only when our actions are not constituted and directed by religion, when we learn to make our peace with the concept of secularism and open our hearts and minds to not a Hindu, Muslim, Jew or Christian, but to the concept of humanity.

“To me, it seems a dreadful indignity to have a soul controlled by geography”, said George Santanya. But, to control geography in the name of religion is a far worse crime committed by man.

Note: This article only reflects my thoughts and is subjective of my personal opinion. Mention of any event, is not meant to offend any religion/person/country in any manner.