Are we stupid? The more I ponder over this question, the more I head towards the word “yes”. We might have been stupid for various reasons in the past, but the latest one is just plain hilarious. Well, we’ll get back to that in a minute.

Before that, do you know who Wayne Gretzky is?


Did you just say no?

*Flash news* – Mr. XX doesn’t know who Wayne Gretzky is. What a shame!

*Reporter 1* – How can you not know who Wayne Gretzky is? Wayne Gretzky… Wayne Gretzky

*Reporter 2* – It is sad how people are so ignorant. It is indeed a sad day for sports fans.

OK! By now you must have guessed what this is all about. Yeah! The cricket quiz that Maria Sharapova failed!

I have two questions in my mind right now. Has the media fallen way into the ditches that they have to put out such hilarious things on the news? And Are we really that stupid to encourage them to blow this out of proportion?

So, maybe Miss. Sharapova failed general knowledge tests in school, but just because she is a sportsperson, does she have to compulsorily know every other ‘famous” sportsman? Well, if you ask an Indian, yes! But, not every other “famous” sportsperson, she should just memorize the famous Indian cricketers. (Sue me for counting Sachin as one of them, and not “The One”; guess what he’ll agree with me too). To expect a Russian Tennis player, whose upbringing or country is not very big on the concept of cricket (don’t even compare it to India, we are up to our necks in the cricket madness), to know a cricketer? We aren’t being unreasonable at all.

I’m sure going by the velocity of this lame-ass news, Sachin must have decided to fly and personally meet Sharapova to introduce himself, so that the mad fans would calm down and go back to finding rubbish news in other parts of the world.

I wish I could make Sharapova ask this question to all such idiots – “Could you please tell me who the captain of the Indian Hockey team is? Yes, Hockey, your national game!”

Oh, and BTW Wayne Gretzky is a Canadian Ice Hockey Player (The Sachin of Canada). Don’t forget that or you might just make it to the headline soon!