Since we’ll have to wait for a whole year before we could watch Game of Thrones again, we have to do something to kill our time. Oh! I know of just the right thing!

My Indian spirits just kicked in with all the political drama happening, I couldn’t help but compare!

Mummies Gone Bad!

  1. Sonia Gandhi – Cersei Lannister

The similarities are scary between the two. The first and foremost being the mutual hatred we have for the two. These mummies are super bad, conniving, and full of s***.  While Cersie still has papa Tywin and the not so bhaiya like Jamie to go to, mummy Sonia’s only hope is busy doing.. well, we don’t know what her son does! Something with women empowerment maybe!!

They’re pretty much the same, except Cersei’s got more swag!



(S)He’s got the Fire!!

  1. Daenerys Targareyan – Narendra Modi

They both have fancy names, one is called Namo, and the other is called Mhysa. Daenerys freed the unsullied and the slaves, and well hypothetically Namo sent the “so called” masters of Indian politics home. Now, I might be pushing it with the similarities, but, we’ll just have to wait for our namo’s dragons to hatch!



Momma’s li’l boy!!

  1. Late king Joffrey – Rahul Gandhi

“I am the King” and “Women Empowerment”, we’ve heard these two too many times! While George R.R. Martin was kind enough to rid us off the stupid little boy Joffrey, another little boy hangs around closer to our homes, waiting to empower our women!



Yes Ma’am! Or hodor!

  1. Hodor– Manmohan Singh

Honestly, the comparison is kind of an insult to Hodor!! We love Hodor. He helps the Starks!  I’m afraid I can’t say the same for Mr. Singh. He helps the sharks! But, I must say no one follows orders like the two! Did I just hear “Madam ji, “Madamji” around the bad mamma!



The Last Hope!

  1. Jamie Lannister – Priyanka Gandhi

I know what you’re thinking! And well obviously no! These two are alike for the not so sexual reasons! You know the little light you see in the dark, and you know there’s hope! We see the same in Ser Jamie and Priyanka Gandhi. After all, they are the only good amongst the likes of Cersei, Sonia, Rahul, Joffrey, and Tywin!


The Doom of a good man!

  1. Ned Stark – Aravind Kejriwal

We told you not to leave Winterfell!! King’s landing was not your cup of tea!!  History just repeated itself in Delhi didn’t it?There was once the lord of Winterfell and there was once an Aam admi of our Capital!




Talk about the useless!

  1. Pranab Mukherjee – Grand Maester Pycelle

Well, when you are useful to just the bad guys, then you’re pretty much going to be titled useless. Wise advises are suppose to be their forte, but they are just mere puppets dancing to the tune of the queen! Fancy titles and fault work is all they do!


  1. Tyrion Lannister!

C’mon! Let’s face it! We’re not this cool!