corruption Collage 1

“We’re not children here.  The LAW is – how do I put it? A Convenience. Or a convenience for some people and an inconvenience for other people”

Wise words by Paul Castellano, isn’t it?

Think of it. Everything you and I do, we do it at our convenience. We cross the road when the signal shows a “Do not walk” sign at our convenience. We drive on a one way road, because the U-turn is 200 meters away, and driving the extra meters is just too inconvenient.  Changing lanes too often on the road, because it is convenient to take over, and avoid the endless abyss of traffic.

Most convenient of them all – Bribe away my friend; bribe your way out of everything.

I drive without a license, because let’s get real, it’s too inconvenient to wait to get a license, I could just hand over a 100rs note to the traffic police, and probably get a salute out of him for doing that. In case, I decide to get a license, standing in the big queue is just too inconvenient. So, I’ll just pay the agent. I have money, let the other fools stand in line and wait their turn.

My neighbor’s kid studies in the best school in town, how can I not send mine! No seats available? I bet this check would change your mind? and Voila, “Congratulations. You’re kid has been admitted to our prestigious institute”

These are just awfully small examples which you and I could relate to.  If  I gave you examples of how an MLA was bribed, how the ministers were bought, how states were divided, how parties were lured, you’d probably still say, “These politicians killed the sanctity of our nation”.

If I ponder too much on that last thought, I wouldn’t agree. They are the protagonists, we are the script writers.

These politicians are like spoiled brats, spoilt by our extreme love, care and attention. We pampered them too much, bought those expensive toys, never said no, and always bent down to their will.  Like it is said, “Bad children are the reflection of a parent’s upbringing” Because, I played with my convenience, I am partly responsible for their actions.

With that said and done, convenience has cost me too much already. I ask myself every day, if my convenience corrupted me? More often than not, sadly, the answer is yes.

Ask yourself the same thing when you choose your convenience at the cost of contributing to corruption. The day you answer with a “No”, law and order will trump corruption.

Just a though to ponder on.