“I don’t care.” More often than not, this is a popular response from the young Indians, when asked about who they think would win the elections. “Does it matter?”, is a quick response we receive from the working professionals, and  “Iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta”, from the tired, old men and women.

I don’t agree.

 I care. It matters to me that my country is not ruled by scums and animals , but by humans. It has only been 66 years since independence, desh ko badalne ka time toh abhi shuru hua hain (now is the right time to try and bring about the changes to our country).

Don’t you agree? If you are reading this, you must be as scared as I am, as curious as I am, and as hopeful as I am.

 I don’t belong to a party, and I am not sitting with a pit in my stomach, hoping the results would be great. I’m not from one of the parties, that is why I’m scared.  It’s like, I’ve been given three blank papers and asked to pick one.

How do I choose?

The first paper says I’m as white as milk, choose me, I’ll enhance your handwriting.

The second says I have a smooth surface, you will enjoy writing on this fine sheet.

And the third, is just angry that the first and the second are trying to trick me using material things, and buy my side. It claims it’s the simplest, and would serve the purpose of being a paper.

Breaking the metaphors,  the handwriting enhancer is BJP, claiming to create generous jobs, thus enhancing and enriching my pockets and my lifestyle. The smooth surface provider being Congress, promising safe and smooth women friendly environment and development in our country. And the third, the very controversial, the political new bee, our very own angry Aam aadmi, who will apparently help the common man take control of his life and bestow his rights back.

All these promises, then why am I scared?

Do I want  more job opportunities? Yes. Do I want to be independent, and not be scared that I might be a meat to some hooligans? Yes. Do I want my government to do just what it is suppose to do – better my nation, get rid of the anomalies that is growing dense every single day? Yes.

Yes, I want all of these things, not just one of these things.

I’m scared if one party wins I will have multiple job opportunities, but will probably live in a country where religion would divide people into first citizens and second citizens, where millions of people would kill and die in the name of their religion.

It scares me that if I choose another party, I will have a powerful family take away my money and side-cast my needs to meet their royal needs, and I will live in a country with only snobby politicians and defeated people.

The third party scares me lesser than the former two. I am assured that I will see some changes, some relief for the needy, and some changes in the level of authority. Their deeds don’t scare me, their attitude does. Do I want a leader who would behave like a petty activist, try cleaning the system with a novice urgency?  It’s time they understand it’s a country, not a bathroom that you pour a little water and flush the dirt down the drain. We need a leader, not a child who’s lollipop has been taken and now he wants to fight.

Soon, I have to choose, and silently pray every night and wish, all that I fear comes to a pass.

You better start the prayers too.

Choose wisely!